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An object's narrative plays a strong role in a time of anonymous mass production. This is a project with an aim to allow the craft to act, engage and live on in modern times. To give people the opportunity to shape their own reality and connect with their belongings.

It takes time to master a craft, to tie a brush with the right feeling, with the right tension in the thread and with the right amount of hair might encourage the user to treasure the item. You need to contribute your time, your presence and your commitment.

Craftsmanship is commonly reduced to something historical but today economically unsustainable. But crafts are so much more than economics. The hand's presence, knowledge of materials and just the perfect knuckles can only progress through the making. And by making this set you do not only commit to the brush making but you get a glimpse on how it's designed, constructed and crafted.

This set consists of three different brushes, three kinds of hairs, binding thread, a short story of Swedish brush binding history, a glimpse of the manufacturing process and an instruction poster on how to engage with the brush making process.


Designed for a small scale production of 70 sets. Produced by cabinet maker Unni Strid, Oscar Wall, Robert Landström and Robin Helgesson. 


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