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Design by Felizia Matthews, produced and product developed by upholsterer Elsa Torell Nordgren and cabinet maker Victor af Wetterstedt.


Inspired by brutalism and functionalism this armchair is a clash between soft and tence, material combinations and dismantling opportunities. Made out of modern upholstery materials and techniques the armchair is constructed to be taken apart and reupholstered if needed. The back, arms and seat is resting on a firm stud assembly out of ash wood. An interdisciplinary collaboration between designer

Felizia Matthews, cabinetmaker Victor af Wetterstedt

and upholsterer Elsa Torell Nordgren in an aim to learn from each other and deepen our knowledge in testing ideas and constructing a prototype.

Bruto armchair
Bruto armchair
Bruto armcair
Bruto armchair
Brut armchair
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